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Foundation North Application 2016


The 2016 Foundation North Applications hve now closed.

Foundation North is applicable to clubs from the Far North to Kariaotahi.

Refer to the items below or refer to the Equipment Suppliers Manual to assist with the application: 


Club Training Equipment:  
Baby Manikin Baby Manni
Child Manikin Child Manni
Adult Manikin Adult Manni
Training AED TRG AED
Standardised AED Case Pelican Case
Oxygen & First Aid Backpack                   Soft Pack
Oxygen Resusitation Kit Hard Pack
Basket Stretcher        Basket
Backboard Backboard
Yamaha Viking Viking
Yamaha Viking VI Viking VI
30hp Outbaord Engine Engine
IRB Hull Hull
Fuel Bladder Bladder
Road and Beach Trailers Trailer
Motor Stand Motor Stand
Trailer Light Bar Light Bar
Lifesaving Equipment:  
Red and Yellow Tower Flag Tower Flag
Patrol Flag (with feather) Flag
Patrol Flag Poles and Bases Flag And Base
Portable Patrol Tower Mini Tower
Rescue Board Rescue Board
Rescue Board Stand Board Stand
Watersport 8 x 25 UCF Binoculars Small Binos
Watersport 7 x 50 ZCF Binoculars Large Binos
Best practice Lifeguard PFD Lifejacket
Lifeguard Rescue Tube Tubes
Handheld Radio (DP4401) Radio
Base Set Radio (DM4401) Base Set
Multi Radio Charger Multicharger
Single Radio Charger Single Charger
Aqua Bag Aqua Bag
Information Sandwich Board Info Board
Training In Progress Sign TRG Sign

Safety Sign (no swimming, danger,

no lifeguard, shark)

Safety Sign

Other Club Equipment:


Night Search and Rescue Kit

(Includes helicopter landing kit)

Night Kit
Steel Lockable Fuel Storage Cabinet Fuel Cabinet